Way to Health

Way to Health was developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in 2011 as a platform to quickly develop, test and scale out new ideas in research related to patient engagement and behavioral economics based health interventions.

The mission of Way to Health has three core aims:

a) Improving Healthcare Outcomes Needs Purpose Built Research Tools

Technology assisted motivation & human behavior change is the key to advancing health outcomes. The healthcare system needs a purpose built tool that allows for scale and to engage with people in their existing journeys. Way to Health has demonstrated its value as a research platform in this domain. The platform, its developers, and its uses have credibility among the research community.

b) Success Derived from Research Should Be Easily Translated into Practice

Even as more research and successes are published, its application in the real world still lags as systems and plans don’t quite know how to apply it in their context. The goal is to reduce the time it takes for interventional research to be applied in specific patient contexts as short as possible. We want to take a leadership position in tactical research and deployment of evidence based research.

c) EHRS Should Be An Integral Part of Any Patient or Provider Engagement Strategy

Good technology must join not just patient and physician journeys, but also their existing technology, such as legacy EHR systems i.e. be available in the context of their life and their “workflow”. Tighter integration with EHRs is necessary. Health systems have spent millions deploying and customizing EHRs. They are looking for ways to maximize the ROI. This will be a platform available to all irrespective of the EHR of choice.

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