The CEAR Core has a wide array of resources available for both faculty and community members, to facilitate connections, conduct community-engaged research, and translate research and technological developments to public health and community stakeholders.


Papers by CEAR Core members and supported by CEAR funding.

Posters & Presentations

Recent presentations by CEAR Core faculty and staff.

Articles of Interest

Articles about community-engaged research in the CTSA.

Community Service Inventory

An inventory of community service organizations in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

Way to Health

A technology platform developed to engage patients in research on how to improve healthcare outcomes.


An effective, useful and complementary recruitment tool that will help connect willing volunteers with researchers who are searching for appropriate volunteers to be placed in their research studies.

CHIBE Resources

The Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics offers resources for investigators applying behavioral economics principles to critical health issues.

Joint Research Practices (JRP)

A group of staff and faculty who are striving to make it easier for Penn research teams to conduct research that is more inclusive and equitable.

PCORI’s Foundational Expectations for Partnerships in Research

PCORI has developed six foundational expectations—building blocks for meaningful, effective, and sustainable engagement with patients, communities, and other partners in research. Explore ways to tailor them by each expectation or by examples in practice.

  • Diversity and Representation
  • Early and Ongoing Engagement
  • Dedicated Funds for Engagement & Partner Compensation
  • Build Capacity to Work as a Team
  • Meaningful Inclusion of Partners in Decision Making
  • Ongoing Review & Assessment of Engagement

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Researcher readiness for participating in community-engaged dissemination and implementation research: a conceptual framework of core competencies

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